Cultures of the Curatorial

Cultures of the Curatorial is a postgraduate study program combining application-oriented research practice with academic reflection. It is oriented towards people with different disciplinary and professional backgrounds: in the arts – visual arts, dance, theatre, film and music – as well as in cultural mediation, in the humanities, social and natural sciences.

What they have in common is an interest in an engaged work in the cultural field as well as in a concentrated, academically sound extra qualification for their professional practice in the realm of the curatorial. The curatorial is understood as a practice which goes decisively beyond the making of exhibitions and has emerged as a genuine method of generating, mediating and reflecting experience and knowledge. Correspondingly the study program Cultures of the Curatorial thus not only imparts methods of conceiving, organizing and realizing curatorial projects but also the means for analysis, reflection and elaboration of exhibitions and other form of cultural mediation in a transdisciplinary and transcultural context.

Background to the study program is the observation that in the course of the 20th C there has emerged specific forms of activity, formats and aesthetic which can be subsumed under the concept of the curatorial.

The program is accordingly orientated towards a mutual entanglement of theory and practice: in seminars, workshops and excursions teachers and students are concerned with the historical and contemporary relations, conditions and potentials the curatorial can develop as a genuine method of generating, mediating and reflecting experience and knowledge. The two curatorial projects, in which the students formulate their own statements in front of the current challenges and possibilities, are of central importance.

What kind of relevance does the curatorial possess in the cultural field under the conditions of globalization? How do the techniques, strategies and effects of the curatorial relate to those of art and science? Where are similarities or perspectives of mutual exchange? Which characteristics does the curatorial show in the respective arts and which forms does it take on in different cultures? What functions does it take on in the respective aesthetic, social and economic contexts?

The program of Cultures of Curatorial is centered on questions like these. A team of teachers at the Academy of Visual Arts and international guests from art, science and curatorial practice shape the four semesters of the postgraduate M.A. program. It can be pursued while working.


Cultures of the Curatorial is a continuing education program leading to a master’s degree.

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